Sunday, May 5, 2013

Research Blog #6

Research blog #6 was supposed to be an interview with someone who worked at Rutgers, who could help us with our topic. I emailed Amy Vojta from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affaris here at Rutgers University. I hoped she would eventually answer me in time for the semester to end, but she sadly still has not. I wanted to ask her why she thinks people haze, and if she thinks my argument is accurate. I argued that people haze as an identity builder encouraged by a group of people who all think the same way (Groupthink). I wanted her opinion on groupthink and the deterioration of the individual by getting hazed through these Greek organizations, or just belonging to one in general. Unfortunately, she never answered any of my 3 emails, but I like to think she would have agreed with me. Hazing is very frowned upon at this school, and any action that makes a new member uncomfortable is known as hazing. Keeping new members at a sorority or fraternity house past 11pm is hazing, even if they are just hanging out. The rules OFSA have made for Greek organizations are very strict at this school, as they should be, in attempt to end this viscous cycle of hazing. Administrators are getting fired left and right if they have ever even been known to approve of any sort of hazing. I believe hazing can tear a person down emotionally, physically and mentally, but also raise them up by giving them a false sense of confidence through accomplishing difficult, and often times dehumanizing tasks. I still wish she would have answered and I could have gotten her input, but I like to think she would have agreed with me, and that is why Rutgers University tries so hard to end the humiliating acts of hazing.

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